Community Action Partnership of North Alabama


Family Engagement Leaders and Specialists

Family Engagement Leaders (FEL) and Specialists (FES) build relationships with families as well as strengthen and build new partnerships with community sources. Family Engagement Leaders and Specialists represent the Partnership in assigned geographic areas to deliver results. Family Engagement Leaders supervise Family Engagement Specialists while working with the Family and Community Content Team Leader to evaluate, track and account for Family and School Readiness goals and outcomes.

Family Engagement Content Team Leader

Stephanie Johnson

Family Engagement Coach

Carolyn Brackin-Orr


Family Engagement Translator

Yolanda Thomas


Health Resources Specialist


Cathy Beck
Health Information


Family Engagement Team
2018-19 Classroom/Center Assignment


Jennifer Morgan, FEL     Decatur City - I   Decatur City (D/C)
Marah Adcock D/C - A & G       D/C
Shaniqua Fletcher D/C - B & E West Decatur     D/C
Tyara Lyle D/C - C & D       D/C
Evenly Crutcher D/C - F & H       D/C
Heather Kennedy, FEL       UAH (2) Tanner
Maudie Watkins East Acres Leon Sheffield     East Acres
Roxana Godoy Piney Chapel     Priceville (3) East Acres
Beth Clark Harvest Creekside     Harvest
Christine Dannemiller Blue Springs Sugar Creek - A     Tanner
Daylee Skipworth Tanner - A  & B Cedar Hill     Tanner
Jessica Scott, FEL UAH - A       UAH
Cynthia Washington MLK - A, B, C       UAH
Anna Pope Highlands Rolling Hills     UAH
Whitney Williams UAH - B, C, D       UAH
Amber Redmon Farley - A & B Chaffee     UAH
Terri Jones, FEL     Hartselle - F & G   Hartselle
Denise Horton Williams   Premier -
Madison/Huntsville (4)
  Pension Row
Wendolyn Johnson Cotaco Union Hill Lacey's Spring   Hartselle
Andrea Meyer Hartselle - A, B, C       Hartselle
Vicky Reynolds Danville Vinemont     Hartselle
Sherry Kelly, FEL Eva       Garden City
Patchez Peterson Blountsville Locust Fork     Garden City
Vickie Clopton Garden City - A & B Hayden     Garden City
Lupita Olivares Ratchford - D & E Susan Moore     Ratchford
Carmen Hernandez Ratchford - A, B, C       Ratchford
Misty Sydorick, FEL Russellville - B       Handy
Erica Valdez Hamilton Brilliant     Haleyville
Brandie Mitchell Russellville - A & C       Russellville
Aimee Bailey Harmony Double Springs     Harmony
Paula Cleghorn Haleyville - A & B Magnolia     Haleyville
Carolyn Orr, FEL     Moulton - C & D   Moulton
Jessica Troupe Moulton - A & B       Moulton
Darline Thigpen Sheffield - B & G   Sheffield - H   Sheffield
Betty Simpson Sheffield - C & I       Sheffield
Genevieve Thompson Sheffield - D & E       Sheffield
Monique Fletcher Sheffield - A & F       Sheffield
Christie Jackson Hazelwood - A & B       Hazelwood
Irene Perales, FEL Scottsboro - D       Scottsboro
Rebecca Hanner Arab A & B   Guntersville A & B   Arab
Jennifer Gipson Scottsboro - A, B, C       Scottsboro
Yesenia Corona Fyffe - A & B Crossville     Fyffe
Jennifer Clifton Sylvania Stevenson     Sylvania
Jessica Wainwright, FEL     Fort Payne - C   Fort Payne
Jo Ann Pearson Marshall County (3)   Albertville   Fyffe
Elizabeth Hawkins Sand Rock     Fort Payne - A & B Fort Payne
Cindy Feemster Fort Payne - A & B       Fort Payne
Sherry Harp Knowledge     Knowledge - B & C Centre Area
Christina Isbell, FEL     Handy - L   Handy
Kim Burbank Handy - A & E   M   Handy
Jamie Long Handy - G   B & C   Handy
April Causly Handy - D & I       Handy
Marquita Wilson Handy - F & H       Handy
Kristy Hinton Handy - N & O       Handy