Community Action Partnership of North Alabama


Board Members

Officers for 2019

Joe Holmes - Board Chair

Tim Littrell - Vice Chair

Benita Owens - Secretary

Legal Counsel to the Board

Jonathan Watson

Public Sector

  • Sandy Adams – Appointee of Morgan County Commission, Morgan Co.

  • Dusty Baker – Appointee of Mayor's Association of Cullman Co.

  • Tim Littrell  – Appointee of Mayor of Moulton, Lawrence Co

  • Joey Martin – Appointee of Cullman Commission, Cullman Co.

  • Dana Pigg – Appointee of Mayor of Decatur, Morgan Co.

  • Tommy Praytor - Appointee of Mayor of Moulton, Lawrence Co.

Community Sector

  • Pat Busing - Morgan Co.

  • Jennifer Butler-Taylor - Cullman Co.

  • Benita Owens – Lawrence Co.

  • Dawn Owens – Cullman Co.

  • Jackie Peek -  Morgan Co.

  • Keunna Swopes – Morgan Co.

  • David Ware - Lawrence Co. (Head Start Policy Council representative to Board)

Private Sector

  • Pat Gilbert - Cullman Co.

  • Joe Holmes  – Morgan Co.

  • Brent Breedlove - Morgan Co.

  • Heather Smith - Cullman Co.

  • Charles Owens - Lawrence Co.


  • David Mathews, Area President, Bank Independent, Morgan Co.

  • Tricia Culpepper, Principal/Head Start Director, Cullman City Primary School, Cullman Co.

  • Bruce Gordon, Professor/Real Estate Agent, Lawrence Co.

  • Marcie Hill, Director of Department of Child Development, Wallace State Community College, Cullman Co.

  • Matt Holmes, Sales, Morgan County

  • Bruce Jones, Director, Decatur Youth Services, Morgan Co.

  • Paul Lott, Retired Auditor, Lawrence Co. (Board representative to Head Start Policy Council)

  • Sheryl Marsh, Communications Director, Morgan County Commission, Morgan Co.

  • Cissy Pearson, Outreach Coordinator, NARCOG, Morgan Co.

  • Sherry Pentecost, Regional Sales Manager, Morgan Co.

  • Stephanie Pitts, Administrative Assistant, Decatur Morgan County Hospital, Morgan Co.

  • Barbara Sittason, Retired Principal/Educator, Morgan Co.

  • Allen Stover, Senior Grants Administrator, City of Decatur, Morgan Co.