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Definitions of ERSEA (Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment and Attendance)



A child or pregnant woman who meets the requirements for age and family income or categorical eligibility or, if applicable, the requirements established by a grantee.



The systematic ways in which the Head Start program identifies families whose children are eligible for Head Start Services, informs them of the services available, and encourages them to apply for enrollment in the program.



The systematic process used to review all applications for Head Start services and to identify those children and families that are to be enrolled in the program.



The number of participants in an Early Head Start or Head Start program who attend at least one class, receive at least one home visit, or receive at least one direct service while pending completion of necessary documentation fo rattendance in a center, based on state and local licensing requirements.  For Early Head Start, enrollment includes all pregnant women who have been accepted and received at least one direct service.



Enrolled children and pregnant women who have attended at least one class, received at least one home visit, or received at least one direct service, including pregnant women who have received at least one direct service.