Community Action Partnership of North Alabama


Homebuyer Education

Monthly Homebuyer Education classes are provided free of charge at the Central Office in Decatur. Topics of interest to prospective homebuyers are presented each month by Director of Homeownership Services Candy Ayers and local partners to help answer any questions and address any concerns during the homebuying process.

Free monthly classes are provided for prospective homeowners to learn the steps needed before buying a home.

Light refreshments are provided starting at 5:00 p.m. and classes start at 5:30 p.m.

Topics include:

  • Post-purchase Education - Keeping Your Home and Managing Your Finances After the Purchase
  • Credit Education - Credit Report Deciphering, Understanding How Credit Works and Affects Your Life
  • Financial Guidance - Budgeting and Managing Your Money
  • Home Selection - Shopping for Needs vs. Wants, Energy Savings Tips, Home Maintenance
  • Mortgage Guidance - Loan Program Explanations and Options, HUD-1 Explained Line-by-Line

Presenters include Director of Homeownership Services Candy Ayers and local professionals speaking on their respective areas of expertise.

4 Tips to Help Navigate the Homebuying Process:

Ready to put out the welcome mat? 4 tips that will help you navigate the homebuying process:












Following these tips and working with Homeownership Counselor Candy Ayers will help you successfully find your “home sweet home.”